GOLD. This is the meaning of the word DAHAB. GOLD, for the color of its beaches and of the surrounding desert; 2250 years of history bound to the AQABA GULF and the rocky desert of SINAI. DAHAB, an ancient village that is coming back to the beauty and wealth of the time of the NABATAENS. Now as then DAHAB prosperity comes from the sea.
Once a little village of Bedouins living on fishing and small goat herds, this small town located on the west coast of the south Sinai peninsula, 80 km north of Sharm el Sheik, has now become a welcoming tourist resort. However, you will never find crowds. DAHAB is far from the mass tourism areas and for this reason it is still a relaxed, laid back paradise.
On the long promenade there are tens of small restaurants with huge colorful carpets, mats and low tables by the beach, shaded by palms, in which to drink mint tea while reading a book or to eat fresh fish while talking with friends.
DIVING OCEAN is located in the beautiful Lagoon of DAHAB, at Iberotel Dahabeya, one of the best location here, placed like a gem in the middle of the jewel formed by the protected areas of Nabq in the south and Ras abu Gallum in the north.
The abyssal drop offs of the BLUE HOLE area and the endless coral gardens of the south make of DAHAB a paradise for all kind of divers. Our technical section will give tek divers the opportunity to visit some of the world most awesome sites on deep air and Trimix.
A unique scuba diving paradise a few minute drive by jeep from the hotel and dive center, a little more than half hour from the well connected Sharm el Sheik international airport.
DAHAB is also staging point for anyone who wants to discover and trek the desert, Mount Sinai and Saint Catherine monastery or even the wonders of Petra.
An old Bedouin say goes: He who drinks DAHAB waters will return, sooner or later. And it is probably true as some 70% of our guests come back at least one more time.




Fidelity Card
All our guests will receive a Fidelity Card that will grant them special discounts such as:
• 15% discount on the pre-booked courses and packages
• 10% discount on the boutique items
• 20% discount or more in special Blue Weeks reserved to Fidelity Card holders.

For further information contact us: booking@divingocean.com


  • Diving Ocean is located inside Iberotel Dahabeya, in the Lagoon


  • 70 square meters covered

  • Classroom for courses

  • Equipment room

  • Store room for private equipment

  • Pool for tank trials

  • Boutique

Diving and Snorkelling equipment

  • MH13 supersilent 215 lt Coltri compressor
  • MH16 265 lt Coltri compressor
  • 12/15 lt. aluminium tanks din and international valve
  • twinsets
  • full range equipments
  • Torches (Diving Torches, Eclypse 35W HID and HLX100)
  • Workshop
  • Life jackets