How does the booking work?

If you are an individual, you can pre-book online your diving service with us in order to get the 10% online discount. The booking is not binding and you will get the discount on the package you will actually do (IE if you book a 5 days package but you complete only 3 days, you will pay a 3 days package with the 10% discount). You will pay at the end of the week; the discounted packages and courses have to be paid cash. Extras can be paid by Credit Card (VISA or MASTERCARD).

Special prices for groups: submit now your inquiry and we'll get back to you with our offer.

If you are a Diving Ocean Fidelity Card holder you will get the special discount for the destination or destinations that will be on selection as “Special offers for Diving Ocean Fidelity Card holders” at the time of your booking.

Online Reservation